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Alessandro DeCaro is an accomplished songwriter, producer, and performer who has spent the last 15+ years releasing genre-bending albums, and visceral live performances. In addition, DeCaro is highly skilled in audio- engineering, production, and sound design, using only the best recording software and gear. 

Seattle born Alessandro DeCaro has written and produced music of all genres,  from Rock and Roll, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Country, to Heavy Metal and Electronica.

Based in Los Angeles since 2017, Alessandro began working with acclaimed pop producers and songwriters, cutting his teeth on the Hollywood music scene. Alessandro's music has been featured in advertising campaigns for companies Such as Jagermesiter and Vitamin Water. In January of 2021 Alessandro signed a Licensing deal with music sync company AudioSocket. 


Alessandro owns and operates his own recording facility "RGR Studios" where he engineers, produces and writes for a wide variety of up and coming artists of all genres. 

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